Understanding Continuing Care Retirement Communities

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is a special type of senior living community that’s designed to welcome and support seniors throughout the entire aging process. From independent living to memory care, residents can easily transition from one type of care to another as their needs change.

There are several distinct benefits of choosing a continuing care retirement community. For the aging person, there is less confusion and less difficulty when moving from one space to another. And because the staff have already built a relationship with the resident, the transition is much more streamlined, with virtually no disruption to their care. Families can forego the stress of researching, vetting, and choosing a new facility every time their aging loved one’s needs change. They can breathe easy and trust that their loved one is in the care of professionals who already know them and understand their needs.

Access to a Continuum of Care Services

The full range of on-site services provided by a continuing care retirement community are chosen to allow residents to age in place, without the need to move every time their needs change. The result is peace of mind for both residents and their families and less stress as they navigate the aging process together.

CCRCs offer many types of healthcare directly on the premises, including dental, optometry, podiatry, and audiology services, saving residents the hassle of arranging transportation to and from these specialists. And countless other medical professionals are part of permanent staff, including nursing care, memory care, and rehabilitation providers. Residents also have access to a health center staffed with licensed medical professionals, and the facilities are equipped for lightning-fast responses to urgent and emergency situations.

Maintenance-Free Living and Amenities

Continuing care retirement communities are designed to enhance the daily lives of their residents by providing ample opportunities to socialize, learn, and enjoy themselves—without the stress or hassle of arranging transportation. This often includes spiritual gathering spaces, dining halls, and fitness areas. Residents can also enjoy favorite hobbies, such as arts and crafts, woodworking, gardening, reading, games, golf, and others. Some CCRCs arrange for special trips and outings as well.

Additionally, the CCRC handles virtually all maintenance, such as major appliance repair and trash and recycling removal. If applicable, the CCRC also handles lawn maintenance and snow and leaf removal. Many seniors can enjoy additional years of independent living with these tasks handled for them.

Financial Security and Predictable Costs

Another stress-minimizing feature of continuing care retirement communities is predictability via financial security. Transitioning from one facility to another can come with sticker shock and make it difficult to develop a long-term plan to pay for care. At a CCRC, the costs associated with each stage and level of care are communicated from the beginning, so families can plan ahead and prepare their finances accordingly.


How is the Copeland Oaks CCRC Community Different From Others?

At Copeland Oaks, our goal is to empower our residents to get the most out of their retirement years by providing both comprehensive care services and recreational opportunities. Our facilities are designed to support the evolving needs of the aging person, so they can enjoy as much independence as possible while receiving quality care. Learn more about our amenities >

We achieve this by meeting with each resident and their families no more than ten days after they move in to discuss a long-term plan of care. We use this time to get to know our residents, their needs, and their goals, so we can design a plan that maintains the highest level of function possible, for as long as possible. We continue these meetings on a quarterly basis to ensure that our plan matches the resident’s current needs and to ensure that the resident feels empowered to access and enjoy every amenity that interests them. When the time comes to transition to a different level of care, we can ensure a streamlined experience that minimizes stress and overwhelm for residents and their families.

To learn more about our continued care retirement community at Copeland Oaks, schedule a visit >