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The Importance of Having an Active Retirement Lifestyle

Having an active lifestyle during your retirement years is shown to have a positive effect on health and wellness. After all, age is just a number and you are only as old as you feel! Not only does an active lifestyle help to keep seniors in good shape physically, the mental and social benefits that an active lifestyle carries with it also have an important impact on seniors’ overall happiness – with numerous studies proving a strong correlation between health and happiness. Learn more about the positive impact of an active lifestyle for seniors.

Physical Benefits for Seniors

From staying active with a regular exercise routine to engaging in social and community events, maintaining an active lifestyle offers many physical benefits for retired individuals. In addition to helping seniors maintain or lose weight, regular exercise helps to slow bone density loss and retain muscle mass, leading to improved mobility, lower risk for osteoporosis, and lower risk of falling.

Plus, exercising and staying active can also reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease by helping to lessen arthritis pain, improve immune function and heart health, and more. Studies show that people who stay active also have a lower risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, and osteoporosis.

Mental Benefits for Seniors

The benefits of staying active aren’t just physical – leading an active lifestyle also has many positive mental and psychological effects for seniors. From physical exercise to staying active with daily tasks out in the community, an active lifestyle helps to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

These positive effects work to elevate mood so seniors can get the most out of their seniors years! In addition to a boosted mood, the mental benefits for seniors also includes a positive effect on brain function. This helps to prevent memory loss and cognitive decline, in turn lowering risks for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Social Benefits for Seniors

Staying active during your retirement is also shown to lead to a better quality of life by increasing your socialization. Engaging in activities like exercise classes, fun community outings and more helps seniors strengthen their relationships as well as make new friends. Some benefits you might receive from being more socially active include adding years to your life, boosting your immune system, lowering risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease and more!

How Retirement Communities Help Seniors Stay Active

Are you finding it difficult to get to the gym regularly, or out in your community as much as you used to? Or simply think you would benefit from more convenient access to amenities that help enable an active lifestyle? A retirement community could be the answer for you!

Retirement communities not only offer seniors age 55 and up convenient access to health centers where they can exercise, swim and engage in other physical activities independently, they also offer many opportunities for group instruction, including exercise classes catered to your interests. These activities are great ways for seniors to socialize and make friends while staying active.

In addition to physical activity, often seniors find themselves not being as socially active as they once were. Maybe friends have moved, family no longer lives close by, or transportation has become increasingly difficult. By making the move to a retirement community, many of the barriers to staying engaged with a community of peers and enjoying social activities are removed.

In a community that offers an active calendar of events and activities, fun outings and on-campus activities are happening regularly and provide another great way to stay active and engaged. Plus, neighbors are only steps away and transportation is provided!

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Lifestyle

If you think that making the move to a retirement community could be the next step for you, consider the different living options and amenities offered to find the campus that’s the best fit for you! Copeland Oaks is a 250-acre senior living community located in Sebring, Ohio that offers a range of independent and assisted living options. In addition to our exercise rooms, fitness classes and indoor swimming pool, our campus offers many opportunities for seniors to stay active including outdoor walking and bike trails, fishing pier, nearby golf, pickle ball court, and gardening! Our residents also enjoy taking day trips to nearby towns and events, gathering for music performances on campus, exploring hobbies like woodworking and arts and crafts, and engaging in many other fun activities.

Learn more about the amenities and activities available to Copeland Oaks residents that help them stay active and truly enjoy their senior years, then contact us to schedule a tour of our campus and see first-hand what living at Copeland is all about!

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