Permanent Care

Copeland Life Care™ sets us apart through the promise of benevolent assistance to help those who have outlived their assets.
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Never Worry About Your Future

Copeland Oaks was founded on the principles of providing dignity and security to residents for the rest of their lives. Unlike other senior living communities, we will do everything possible to make sure our residents enjoy their retirement. This includes providing benevolent assistance to help those who have outlived their assets, enabling all residents to maintain their Copeland Oaks lifestyle and continue receiving quality care.

Since our doors opened more than 50 years ago, no resident has ever been asked to leave for financial reasons. This pledge is possible through generous donations to the Copeland Life Care fund, which is administered by The Oaks Foundation. Through Copeland Life Care™, you never need to worry about your future security. Instead, you can indulge in all the pleasures of retirement knowing you always have a place to call home at Copeland Oaks.

Copeland Oaks Foundation

The Copeland Oaks Foundation

Copeland Life Care™ is made possible through generous contributions to the Copeland Life Care™ Fund, administered by The Copeland Oaks Foundation.

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You have to see it to appreciate it

We encourage you to visit and meet our residents in person.
To schedule a visit, please call 330-938-6126.