As adults get older, their needs can change due to several factors including health conditions that accompany aging. However, many older adults want to remain in their homes and may resist the idea of leaving even when upkeep has become unmanageable. Or worse, their health and safety needs aren’t being met. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) offer seniors a place to call home, where their needs can be met even as they change over time.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A CCRC for older adults includes accommodations for independent living, assisted living, and advanced nursing care. Aging adults who live at a CCRC can spend the rest of their life in the same setting even as their needs change.

CCRCs are designed to promote independent living as long as possible and feature a variety of amenities, including expanded care to address a resident’s medical needs over time. CCRCs are a way for residents to have the stability they need as they age while staying in the same place through different phases.

How do CCRCs Work?

CCRCs typically feature on-site living arrangements for those who can live independently but can benefit from a more maintenance-free lifestyle. Copeland Oaks offers two options for independent living, including ranch-style villas or lake-side apartments. These facilities offer seniors many services and amenities that can take challenges out of daily living. For example, if an older adult is relatively healthy, but struggles with lawn and property maintenance, it’s taken care of for them at Copeland Oaks.

CCRCs also typically have facilities for those who require more care. Assisted living at Copeland Oaks provides 24/7 access to medical and custodial support, plus help with activities like bathing, dressing, or medication management. Seniors who require 24/7 support at Copeland Oaks receive on-campus care at our Crandall Medical Center, which has specialized memory care and skilled nursing care.

Benefits of CCRCs

A move to a CCRC requires a great deal of consideration. Here are a few important benefits to consider:

On-site Options

Seniors who live at CCRCs have choices based on their individual circumstances. Whether they can live independently throughout the duration of their life or need advanced 27/4 care, seniors always have access to what they need without having to move.


CCRCs give seniors a measure of flexibility in their living arrangements. If a spouse or partner has different needs, they both can be met in the same environment.

Socialization & Activities

Older adults living at CCRCs have increased access to events and activities that expand their social network. These communities are a great way to keep seniors active and help them avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Peace of Mind

CCRCs provide peace of mind and security for residents and their caregivers. Residents and their loved ones know that there is an entire community there to support them at every stage no matter what happens.

Continuing Care With Copeland Oaks

If you or your loved one is looking for a retirement community that’s within driving distance of the major cities in Northeast Ohio, Copeland Oaks in Sebring could be your perfect match! With a variety of living options available—plus a great selection of onsite amenities, activities, and services—we welcome you to see how Copeland’s campus checks all of your boxes. Schedule a Tour