Assisted Living with Memory Care

Early Stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia
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Comfort and Independence in the Early Stages of Memory Loss

At Copeland Oaks, we recognize how difficult it can be when a loved one develops memory loss. You are likely experiencing difficulties caring for them, while also navigating your own worries and fears.

Seniors who are facing Alzheimer’s or dementia usually require skilled nursing care. There often comes a time that family members are no longer equipped to care for their loved one who is experiencing memory loss.

When this time comes, many families turn to assisted living and memory care services.

As a caregiver to your loved one, you need assistance, too. You want to ensure they receive the quality of care and compassion that they deserve. We understand how informationally and emotionally complicated this time of transition can be.

Copeland Oaks can help ease your worries and provide care for your loved one.

Our Donald R. James Assisted Living Memory Care Wing is located in the Assisted Living apartment complex on the Copeland Oaks campus. Here, residents receive care specifically designed for those experiencing the early stages of memory loss.

Memory care is provided to those who are at varying stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our memory care facilities prioritize structured environments and routines, resident safety, and mentally engaging programs run by our highly trained staff.

If you have any fears or concerns that we do not address here, please reach out to us. We want to make this time for you and your loved one as comfortable as possible.

Who is the Donald R. James Assisted Living with Memory Care Wing for?

Assisted Living with Memory Care is designed for people experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia. We combine the help-as-needed care of assisted living with the special needs of early-stage memory care.

No one person with Alzheimer’s or dementia has the same experience. Unique and personalized medical assistance helps residents continue living as independently as possible.

What are the goals of early memory care services?

At Copeland Oaks, our goal is to help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s or dementia in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment, while maintaining our residents’ senses of independence and purpose.

Our staff members create an environment that is both safe and supportive. Familiarity, routine, and structure all contribute to a positive environment for older adults beginning to suffer memory loss.

Our staff members understand the importance of a positive environment for the quality of life for our residents. We are committed to quality care. If residents feel satisfied and dignified, and family members feel comforted and confident, we know we’ve done our job well.

What type of training have staff members received?

Residents in the Donald R. James Assisted Living Memory Care Wing are cared for by our Certified Dementia Care Practitioners (CDPs).

Copeland’s skilled professionals are on staff at all hours of the day and night, ready to help residents with activities of daily living.

Our staff members are caring, empathetic practitioners who understand where their residents have been, and what lies ahead.

Will my loved one still be independent in your Assisted Living community?

At Copeland Oaks, your loved one will continue to live with independence and dignity.

Residents have monitored access to the Copeland Oaks campus and all of its amenities. We have a lake and gardens for residents to enjoy, as well as various recreational activities.

We encourage residents to keep up with their hobbies and interests so they can maintain and enjoy their full quality of life.

Will my loved one be safe?

Residents live in a secure environment, attached to a communal kitchen and social areas. They will maintain a sense of normalcy and freedom while being supervised by CDPs.

We provide 24-hour security throughout our entire community, as well as an urgent call system and a 24-hour health center.

What Memory Care programs does Copeland Oaks offer?

Our CDPs plan therapeutic activities every day. These activities are designed to maintain and strengthen cognitive ability.

Copeland Oaks residents also have access to a wide range of resident-led activities.

We offer wellness and exercise classes, nature trails, a bass-fishing lake, a putting green. Our Copeland Chorale is a popular pastime.

Residents can also explore books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs in our library, try their hand at a new hobby like woodworking or painting, and stroll through the beautiful gardens across our campus.

Can spouses live together?

Absolutely. Our assisted living community is comprised of studio and one-bedroom suites. Spouses are welcome to live together in our memory care units.

Are prepared meals provided?

Three daily prepared meals are served in the Memory Care Wing. Delicious meals are prepared with care by our experienced chef and culinary team.

What happens if my loved one’s Alzheimer’s or dementia progresses?

We understand how jarring it can be to move somewhere new, especially when health is a factor. At Copeland Oaks, residents won’t have to move miles away to receive a new level of care. They can stay in a familiar place and remain close to loved ones.

Residents who are beginning to experience more severe symptoms of memory loss can transition to Crandall Medical Center, right here on the Copeland Oaks campus. Here, residents can receive temporary or long-term care. The staff members at Crandall Medical Center provide person-centered care to meet you and your loved one’s specific needs.

Should I feel guilty for no longer personally caring for my loved one?

Family members often struggle with the emotional hardship of choosing an Assisted Living facility for their loved ones. Feelings of guilt, anxiety, and grief are all common and completely valid.

You want what is best for your loved one. At Copeland Oaks, we understand how difficult it is to decide what that means.

Please know that your love and care will not disappear if you decide it is time for your loved one to receive professional care.

Allowing our memory care professionals to shoulder the burden of more strenuous tasks leaves you more time, focus, and energy to care for your loved one in a way only you can. What they need from you is love, and that will never change.

This decision is not easy. We’re here to help.

If your loved one beginning to noticeably suffer memory loss, or if they have trouble completing tasks, solving problems, or finishing thoughts, it may be time to consider a memory care community.

We are here to help you sift through your care options. If you are worried about your loved one’s well-being and wondering what to do, let us be your resource.

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