Assisted Living with Memory Care at Copeland Oaks

It’s All in Our Name

The Donald R. James Assisted Living Memory Care Wing combines the help-as-needed aspect of assisted living with the special needs of early-stage memory care patients.

Our Certified Dementia Care Practitioners (CDPs) are on staff 24/7. They understand where these patients have been and what lies ahead.

This expert medical assistance helps residents continue living as independently as possible. This specialized care and facility reassure families that their loved ones continue to live with dignity.

Secure, Private Residential Units

The secure environment – attached to a communal kitchen social areas — gives residents freedom and a sense of normalcy while being supervised by CDPs. All 19 units offer private bathrooms and walk-in showers. The units are studio and one-bedroom suites, allowing spouses to remain together.

Daily Life

Residents focus on living their lives with a sense of freedom in our secured floor purposed with an emergency call system. Our CDPs plan therapeutic activities every day. Three daily meals are served in the wing. Residents have monitored access to the Copeland Oaks campus and all its amenities – retaining a quality of life that will bring their families a peace of mind.

Families: We Are YOUR Resource, Too

Maybe you and your loved one have already received the diagnosis. There’s a lot on your mind:

  • Is your loved one beginning to noticeably suffer memory loss?
  • Having trouble completing tasks?
  • Solving problems or finishing thoughts?
  • Does this confusion lead to misplacing things?
  • You are concerned, wondering what happens next?

We Understand

There is no one answer – but we understand all these conditions and will talk through them with you to help you make caring, informed decision.

You want the best for your loved ones – and you don’t want to give up on caring for them. Don’t worry. Nothing can replace your personal love and care for them.

If the Donald R. James Assisted Living Memory Care Wing turns out to be your next best step, your loved one will receive expert, specialized care that can reduce your worries and take strenuous tasks off your plates. This leaves you MORE time, focus and energy to care for your loved one in a way only you can.

Experience the Copeland Oaks Assisted Living Difference

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