Meet the Greeter, Carol Topping

Always a Friendly Greeting

Carol and husband John moved into their Copeland Oaks Villa in 2012. Known around here for her beautiful handmade greeting cards in our gift shop, Carol also:

  • Serves on our Art Committee as Art Education Chair
  • Loves to learn (“I’d go back to school in a minute!”)
  • Enjoys crafting and reading
  • Won 1st place for Zentangle designs at a regional art show

Why Copeland Oaks?

Carol and John Topping explored many retirement communities in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio before choosing Copeland Oaks. “Copeland has it all,” says Carol. “It is just more loving and people really care about you here.”

Carol, who was a Methodist pastor and still serves as spiritual director at her Mount Vernon church, returns that love in many ways.

“I help people to see where God is working and help them to be aware of God in their everyday lives,” she explained. This includes creating personalized, handmade greeting cards in her basement art studio at their villa.

Her lifelong love of art continues to be nourished by taking classes offered at the our Creativity Center, including Photography, Watercolors, Ikebana and Quilting. One of her new ventures is intuitive painting, the practice of freeing your creative self using many layers of different colors.