Meet the Cheerleader, Irma Hood

Irma Cheers Us On!

The longtime coach’s wife is the biggest team supporter you’ll ever meet – and we’re proud she’s now on Team Copeland Oaks!

  • Volunteers with “Crandall Friends” – a group that visits Crandall residents
  • Secretary for the Crandall Residents Council
  • Volunteers with the Vesper Ushers
  • Mother of three sons – all coaches
  • Collects beautiful ornamental Christmas angels – over 100 & counting!

Why Copeland Oaks?

Irma Hood moved into her Copeland Oaks Villa in 2012. She loves to cheer on her nearby grandchildren at their games – and she’s got a lot of pep!

Irma was never a cheerleader in high school, but she sure made up for it. Her late husband, Wally, was a high school and college football coach. Irma missed only 8 games in 44 years!

“Being positive and encouraging a good attitude was important,” she says, recalling many players whose only encouragement in life came from their coach, teammates, fans and…Irma, the coach’s wife.

It’s a motto she still lives by as she frequently visits Crandall residents who need support and friendly company.

The Hood family moved 22 times. She knows how it feels to be new in town. That’s one reason why she goes out of her way to make Copeland residents new and old feel they are at home and an important part of the community.

Come meet Irma Hood and catch the Copeland Oaks team spirit. Arrange for a tour by calling 330-938-61226.