Why Choose a Retirement Community with Memory Care?

One of the most common needs for the aging population is quality memory care. The term memory care designates those whose memory and cognitive abilities have been affected by conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you and your family have been attempting to decide on memory care facilities, you must research memory care options at all considered facilities. Many retirement communities offer memory care facilities, but some do not. Furthermore, the quality of care can vary from facility to facility. As a result, use great care and consideration before making a decision.

Copeland Oaks offers extensive care regimes for multiple levels of memory care. We have attendants with decades of combined experience who know how to care for your loved ones. Continue reading to learn about the quality of the memory care facilities available from Copeland Oaks.

Copeland Oaks Is Your Best Choice for Memory Care in Ohio

Copeland Oaks is an eminent retirement community-based in Sebring, Ohio. It offers various facilities for seniors that will cater to the extent of the care they need. Regarding memory care facilities, Copeland Oaks provides more than a safe environment where afflicted seniors cannot hurt themselves.

Our caregivers want to help everyone in their care enjoy as much independence as possible. As a result, they take active steps to slow the progression of memory loss. We utilize a holistic approach to care that does not simply eliminate immediate threats. We focus on all aspects of their health, both mental and physical.

What Do Memory Care Facilities Provide?

Experts have determined that maintaining an active lifestyle helps to slow the progression of afflictions that necessitate memory care. Activities that stimulate the body and the mind help fight back against their condition and increase their overall quality of life. A few of the activities that Copeland Oaks’ memory care facilities provide are:

  • Dances
  • Game Nights
  • Water Aerobics
  • Concerts
  • Library Access
  • Fully Stocked Art Studios
  • Community Gardens
  • Live Entertainment
  • Worship Facilities
  • Forest Walking Trails
  • Lakeside Beaches
  • And More

These activities help keep both body and mind active. Our expert caregivers designed them to help stir memories, self-reflection, self-expression, and emotional connections, reduce negative emotions, and increase sociability.

Doctor Giving Senior Female Patient Injection Concentrating

On-Campus Medical Care

As much as Copeland Oaks hopes to stem the progression of dementia or Alzheimer’s with stimulation and activity, they are still medical conditions and may require the use of healthcare facilities. Copeland Oaks maintains the necessary medical equipment and professionals on its campus to attend to our residents, should the need arise.

From medication distribution to emergency response equipment, we have equipped our community to do everything possible for those under our care.

What Does a Memory Care Facility Cost?

Other retirement communities generally operate on an upgrade system. They offer a base package and offer you add-ons for an additional cost. Copeland Oaks disapproves of such payment options and only offers all-inclusive pricing. In addition to our memory care facilities, our rate entitles those under our care to private rooms with accessible bathrooms, housekeeping, three meals daily, round-the-clock nursing staff, and a week’s worth of activities.

For more information about paying for memory care, feel free to reach out for a detailed discussion regarding pricing.

Experience the Comfort and Beauty of Copeland Oaks Today!

The decision to pursue memory care for your parents is a challenging one. It inevitably comes with increased emotions and concerns. If you are currently experiencing such feelings, it is important to realize they are only natural and temporary. What matters is your loved one receives the care they need that will allow them to live their best lives. Copeland Oaks offers some of the state’s most elite memory care facilities. Schedule your visit today and give your parents the quality of care and life they deserve.