Importance of Family Involvement in Senior Care

Family involvement is important for both the physical and mental well-being of all of us, but for seniors, family involvement has been shown to have an even greater impact. Family involvement extends beyond the caregivers for family members and also includes the involvement of loved ones and friends. At Copeland Oaks, helping children, grandchildren, and friends of those in our care to remain active participants in the lives of their loved ones is a top priority.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of family involvement in senior care and how our team at Copeland Oaks works to encourage and facilitate family involvement for our residents.

stay involved with your loved ones at copeland oaks.

Benefits of Involving Family in Senior Care

For Seniors

It doesn’t matter your age; it is critical for any happy and healthy human to feel loved by those in our lives. This is especially true for seniors. After a lifetime of cultivating friends and family, the time they spend with those they love is all the more meaningful and precious. Many seniors feel lonely or isolated when they move to a senior living facility. Maintaining social contact with friends and family helps seniors relieve stress and prevent the negative effects of loneliness, which can include an increased cognitive decline, an increased risk of depression, and the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease. Family involvement, both in their medical care and by prioritizing quality time, can have positive effects that increase the quality of life for seniors.

For Family Members

However, it is not just senior citizens who benefit from spending time with their family and loved ones; friends and family also benefit from prioritizing quality time with their loved ones in senior living. Spending time with seniors in assisted living or a senior living community gives family members peace of mind knowing that they can continue to support their loved ones even though they are out of their immediate care. It also allows family and friends to enjoy being active participants in their loved ones’ lives, helping to maintain the strong bonds they have built over so many years.

How Copeland Oaks Encourages Family Involvement

Care Plan Meetings

No one knows how to care for a family better than a family. That is why we want to ensure that the families of our residents are as involved as possible. At Copeland Oaks, families are actively involved in senior care plan meetings. During senior care plan meetings, our experts sit down with seniors and their loved ones to discuss their specific needs. Together, we work to create a detailed senior life care plan that provides the level of care and support they need. This keeps families actively involved and reassures them that their loved ones in senior living are receiving the highest quality of care available with our skilled caregivers for family members. 

Family Activities & Events

At Copeland Oaks, we want visiting a loved one in senior care to be a fun outing for the whole family and an opportunity to create more memories together. We are always planning activities and events for seniors and their families to encourage family visits. Some of our most popular activities for seniors include live entertainment, ice cream socials, and holiday celebrations. 

Share a Meal

Enjoying family dinner doesn’t need to stop because your loved one isn’t at the family home. Copeland Oaks encourages families to share meals and provides many opportunities on our stunning campus to get together and enjoy the simple pleasure of a family dinner like they have always done before. 

Creating a Senior Care Plan with Copeland Oaks

There will be transitions once you move your parent to senior living. However, just because there have been some changes in geography doesn’t mean you have to be less involved with your parents’ or grandparents’ lives. Copeland Oaks encourages family involvement and prioritizes keeping your family together and happy. We encourage you to participate in every aspect of their transition to senior living. If you have a parent or grandparent who would benefit from transitioning to senior living, reach out today and schedule a visit with Copeland Oaks.