The Copeland Experience, January 2018

by Jan 22, 2018The Copeland Experience

Next Stop? Thrift Shop!

The new and improved Thrift Shop will officially be open for business on Wednesday, January 24th. With its location on the first floor of building five, the new shop will be in a prime spot for all shoppers. Complete with repurposed shelves, easy to access racks, a dressing room, jewelry nook and official check-out counter, the Copeland Oaks Thrift Shop will continue to serve not only residents but shoppers from the public as well.

According to the manager of the Thrift Shop, Corliss Vuksta, the idea was started in the 70’s as a rummage sale held in the auditorium by the late Dorothy Fithian. Like the current Thrift Shop, the rummage sales were organized to raise money for the Employee Christmas Fund. In 1982, after the rummage sales became too much to handle, the plan to develop the Thrift Shop came about. From that day on the Shop has been a thriving non-profit small business thanks to the volunteers and donations.

The Thrift Shop is operated entirely by the 35 volunteers working behind the scenes sorting through countless donations and working the storefront. In addition to clothes, shoes, and jewelry, the Thrift Shop carries household items, linens for your beds, dishes, gadgets and some electronics.

Over the years our Thrift Store has contributed to many community organizations. In December 2017, the store donated $20,000 to the Employee Christmas Fund. Other contributions include: items for the Crandall Mini Store, prizes for Assisted Living Bingo, bedding to Noah’s Lost Ark, various campus organizations, Copeland Marketing Department, and hats, gloves and dated clothing items to the Carnation City Players for their performances. Just to name a few.

“We have been told by many of our residents that we are a godsend to them since they can no longer go out to shop for their needed items,” Corliss shared.

“Our great staff of volunteers will go the extra mile as we are a place to talk and share our stories, make new friends and surely will bring a smile,” she added.

On Friday, January 19th, the volunteers of the shop invited all Copeland residents and staff for an Open House. There were no sales permitted during the Open House, but rather lots of mingling and admiring the new look.

Upcoming Events

New Winter Workshops

Friday, January 26 and Monday, March 12

1-3 pm

Residents will gather in the Creativity Center to create a painting on wood with guidance from guest Art Instructors: Tina and/or Cora. All supplies will be provided. If you can use a paint brush, can follow guided direction, then you can participate in these workshops. Registration for the March 12.

Canton Symphony Orchestra: Double Violin Concert

Saturday, Jan. 27th

Time: 7:30 pm

Two of Germany’s most famous composers, the CSO, perform Bach’s Double Violin Concerto and one of Mahler’s most accessible symphonies. The Copeland Oaks bus will provide transportation for residents to the Umstattd Performing Arts Hall to enjoy the show.

ON VIEW NOW: The Pan-American Exposition: Triumph and Tragedy in the Queen City

Friday, February 2nd

9:30 am

Copeland residents will be traveling to the Keller Gallery for an exhibition exploring what happened in the eight days between the shooting of President McKinley and his death. Following their visit to the Gallery, residents will enjoy lunch at Bender’s, Canton’s oldest and finest restaurant.

Meet The Thrifter, Corliss Vuksta

Corliss Vuksta worked for 30 years at Columbia Gas of Ohio and five more at Sharer-Stirling-Skivolocke Funeral Home in Alliance. Now she and husband Ron enjoy Villa living at Copeland Oaks.

  • Enjoys volunteering at the Copeland Oaks Thrift Shop (all proceeds go to employees’ annual Christmas Fund – average donation is $20,000!)
  • Hosts new resident interviews on the Copeland Oaks TV station
  • Glad they came to Copeland early in retirement to enjoy all campus living has to offer

Why Copeland Oaks

In 2012, Corliss and Ron Vuksta moved to their Copeland Oaks Villa from their nearby home in Alliance. She says, “Copeland takes the stress out of retirement.”

Always a thrifter, she enjoys the Copeland Thrift Shop for more than the bargains. “For residents who love to shop but can’t get out anymore – it’s a shopping experience right from the comforts of Copeland.” She adds, “Even if you don’t need anything, it’s a great place to meet friends and shoot the breeze. That’s why I love the thrift shop – meeting new people!”

Corliss enjoys her friends and also appreciates the Copeland Oaks staff. “They take care of our everyday needs and provide us with a safe, carefree environment.”

Meet Marie Ellis, MIS Director (Management Information Systems)

Marie has been working at Copeland for over 22 years now. Marie was nominated by her coworkers to receive the Oaks Award for the month of December. When recommending Marie receive this award peers described her as gracious, patient and hard-working.

In regards to Marie’s hard work on installing a new server in Crandall, one staff member said, “Marie spent countless hours getting everyone hooked up with a very good attitude and approach even after very little sleep.”

When asking Marie what her favorite part of working at Copeland Oaks is, she replied, “That’s easy, the people.”

Congratulations on your well-deserved award, Marie!

We’ll Help With Moving Costs!

Move into a Lakeshore Apartment by June 30th and we will help with your moving costs!

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