Imagine spending your days making a difference in people’s lives. That’s at the core of what our entire team does here at Copeland Oaks. We all work in different ways to ensure our residents have the support and care they need to get the most out of life. Whether it’s preparing healthy meals, keeping a resident’s home clean, or closely monitoring a chronic health condition, we all strive to positively impact residents’ lives each day.

Why do we do it? Our team recognizes that older adults have so much to contribute through their lived experiences. They positively impact us every day as we work to help them remain as vital and active as possible. We want our residents to continue to live their best lives here at Copeland Oaks.

Senior Living at Copeland Oaks

Our team cares for residents with differing needs—some require a great deal of daily care and support, whereas others live with nearly the same level of independence they would outside our community.

Independent Living

Residents in independent living require little or no support with daily activities. They live at Copeland to be surrounded by peers and to take advantage of our many onsite amenities.

Assisted Living

Those in assisted living require more support, and many people have daily help with medication, bathing, dressing, and more.

Benefits of Working at Copeland Oaks

Copeland Oaks offers many employment opportunities, including nursing, dining services, housekeeping, maintenance, and administration. With close to 400 employees, we are the largest employer in Sebring, Ohio.

We offer a supportive work environment and carefully screen applicants to ensure each team member has the training, skills, and dedication necessary to serve our residents.

Beyond the satisfaction of a job well done and making a difference in senior citizens’ lives, job seekers can expect many benefits from working at Copeland Oaks.

Build Meaningful Connections

Our residents are a diverse group with varied lived experiences and perspectives. As you interact with them, you can connect with some pretty amazing people and develop meaningful relationships.

Work with a Passionate Team

Beyond engaging with our residents, employees also have the chance to learn and grow through interaction with each other. We’re an experienced team with diverse backgrounds—and we all work to help each other learn and grow each day.

Receive Competitive Pay & Benefits

To ensure the best care of residents, Copeland Oaks takes great care of employees. Our team enjoys competitive wages and benefits, including:

  • Sick leave and vacation time
  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Training and continuing education opportunities
  • Retirement plan

Enjoy Career Stability

There are always going to be aging people who need care and support. And it’s one of the hallmarks of our society to care for our elders. That never goes out of style or changes with the times, so people in senior care enjoy relative job stability.

Employment Opportunities With Copeland Oaks

If working with a passionate team committed to caring for the needs of older adults sounds appealing to you, we want you on our team. Take a look at some of our job openings and apply today!