Benefits of Moving Your Parent or Family Member to Senior Living

Benefits of Senior Living Communities

As we watch our parents and loved ones age, it is only a matter of time before we wonder how to care for their changing and increasing needs. You are likely considering the pros and cons of moving seniors to assisted living, especially compared to home care.

This decision is often one charged with emotions, especially guilt and grief. You want to give your parents or loved ones the care they need. However, you may be underqualified or overworked. Accepting they require a level of care beyond what you can provide may be a new challenge as you face the realities of their aging and your new responsibilities. 

At Copeland Oaks, we understand the importance of making the decision to move a senior into assisted living. We have created this resource to explain the benefits of moving a loved one into a senior living community and the senior living options available at Copeland Oaks. 

moving your parents into Copeland Oaks assisted living may be whats best for your parent.

Benefits for Family Members

More Time on Your Hands

If you are overwhelmed with responsibilities, you likely do not feel capable of doing any one task to the best of your ability. There are only so many hours in the day. This challenge grows increasingly overwhelming as your parent or family member’s needs increase.

You cannot take care of others if you don’t have time to take care of your own needs. As you consider your options, you may find that needing more time is a worthwhile reason for moving a senior into an independent living or an assisted living facility.

Relieves Stress 

Caretaker stress is a significant challenge. If you are caring for a family member or elderly parent alone, you likely feel exhausted, drained, and stressed. Caring for a loved one can be physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. 

Many children of aging parents feel guilty putting their parents in senior living facilities. If you have been caring for your parents, this decision may also spark feelings of failure. While this is a natural way to feel, it may also help to remember that professional caretakers at assisted living institutions have more resources and skills available to care for older adults. It is a highly skilled and taxing profession. If you are attempting to do it yourself, it is only natural to feel tired while also tending to all the other responsibilities in your life. 

Increase Relationship Quality

Caring for anyone, be it yourself, your children, or even the family pet, can be stressful. However, there is a different type of stress when you must step up to become a caretaker to someone who has always cared for you. It is a challenging and unique strain on a relationship when you must be responsible for caring for your parent. For most of your life, it was the other way around. Naturally, there is a different type of relationship strain when you introduce this new dynamic. 

It is normal to feel some resentment that you must be in this position. Likewise, your parents may feel embarrassed because they no longer feel like “the parent” they have always been. This shift will naturally put a strain on your relationship. Relieve some of the pressure by allowing a certified professional to provide quality care for your parent. This choice helps you maintain and enjoy a relationship you have spent your entire lifetime building. You can focus on enjoying the companionship of your parent and making memories together. At the same time, professionals trained in handling a successful senior living regime will provide them with quality care in a state-of-the-art facility.

Benefits for Seniors 

Personalized Care

At a certain point in aging, personalized professional care may ensure your parents get what they need to live a comfortable life. This care is most available through an assisted or independent living home. 

While some level of care is available through in-home care, assisted living homes offer a high level of personalization. In-home care may be sufficient, while your parents can take care of themselves partially. Eventually, however, you may find they need more attention.

Our qualified caregivers can attend to your parents around the clock. You can rest assured knowing they are taking their medications, receiving their needed aid, and being encouraged to engage in fun, hobbies, and activities. A senior living community that offers a continuum of care helps address the changing needs of seniors as they age.

Saves Money

Many children of elderly parents experience sticker shock when researching senior living options. The comprehensive cost can look like a high upfront price. However, moving seniors into senior living often offers a good value when considering their services compared to at-home care costs. 

When considering senior living options, ask questions about pricing before moving a senior parent in. Some facilities offer package deals when moving to senior living, while others take an a la carte approach to pricing. As you compare your options, you can consider your priorities compared to your budget to make an educated decision. 

Senior Living Options at Copeland Oaks

There is no universal solution when it comes to senior living. Every resident at our facilities is an individual with their own unique needs and desires. Some are merely looking for a community to stay social and enjoy their retirement; others may be mostly independent and only need some additional help, and others may benefit from more direct and extensive care to ensure they are living their best lives. 

Senior living has no right or wrong; there is simply what’s necessary. Copeland Oaks recognizes this and has acted accordingly. We have been very intentional in the design of the facilities we have available. No matter the needs of your senior parents, we have a place for them. Are you unsure about the level of care your family member may need? Our professionals at Copeland Oaks will sit down with you for a one-on-one conversation to determine the needs and desires of your older parents.

Independent Living

Independent living arrangements are available for seniors who wish to maintain their independence but would still benefit from a supportive community. Home and yard maintenance, which is a challenge for many aging seniors, will become a thing of the past! Seniors can enjoy their personalized space without the hassle and have access to all of the wellness amenities they need right on campus. We offer seniors a plethora of senior living options, ranging from beautiful independent living apartments to charming villas, not to mention an active over 55 community. 

Assisted Living

If seniors require more medical attention and care, we also offer high-quality Assisted Living options. Our Beeghly Apartments are a great option for those moving to senior living who need assisted living services and want to be part of a thriving community. These private apartments have access to common areas and activities, like our aquatics center, art and wellness classes, and golfing. We don’t consider these apartments to be assisted living as much as they are “catered living.” These options will give your parents the independence they deserve while ensuring their needs are still being met. 

Memory Care

If your parent or loved one is beginning to experience memory loss, it can be difficult to provide for their changing needs. Copeland Oaks offers specialized nursing and senior memory care services to help give family members peace of mind. Our Assisted Living with Memory Care senior living option is for seniors experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Our services help seniors maintain their independence and dignity with Certified Dementia Care Practitioners providing 24-hour care to ensure their safety and wellbeing. 

Make the Transition to Senior Living at Copeland Oaks

Copeland Oaks is happy to answer any questions about moving seniors with care into senior living or exploring assisted living options. Our beautiful 250-acre campus and skilled services cater to the personalized needs of our senior residents. Copeland’s Continuum of Care model meets the changing needs of your loved ones with specialized plans for individuals and couples (and, of course, furry friends!). If you want to learn more about life at Copeland Oaks, please contact us.