For most of us, traveling to a new destination for a vacation is a thrill—and that doesn’t change as you grow older. Even seniors love the idea of a getaway! But, older adults can be more vulnerable to illness and injury. That’s why taking a few precautions is essential for globe-trotting seniors. Here is some guidance to keep older loved ones safe and healthy as they travel the world.

Importance of Travel Safety

The goal of any vacation is to have a relaxing, trouble-free experience to soak up the local culture and see the sights. The best way to make the most of a getaway is to take a few precautions, especially for seniors. Again, older adults face increased health and safety concerns. A little advanced planning can reduce risks, and seniors can enjoy themselves without worry.

Senior Travel Safety Tips

Safe travel for older adults starts before booking their arrangements. It’s about being aware, consulting a healthcare provider, and taking steps to stay safe. Here are a few ways seniors can stay safe when they travel:

Be Aware of Travel & Health Advisories

Before making any plans or bookings, be sure to know about any health or safety concerns associated with a destination. Check websites like the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories and the CDC’s Travel Health Notices to be aware of any issues before considering travel, particularly for destinations outside of the U.S.

Follow Health & Safety Guidance

This is a big one, especially for older adults. In advance of travel—particularly for destinations outside of the U.S.—consult a physician. Seniors need to be sure their vaccines are up to date, and they know about any special precautions to consider. Whether traveling by bus, train, or plane, seniors should mask up to help protect themselves from illness. Also, they should bring hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes to help reduce exposure to germs while traveling.

Keep Medications Close at Hand

Even while vacationing, seniors should take all medications as directed. Older adults should bring an adequate supply of medications, and consider bringing extra in case there are travel delays. If flying or taking a bus or train, seniors should keep medications with them in a carry-on bag versus checked baggage.

Consider a Travel Group

Older adults who are hungry for travel but don’t want to go it alone should consider a travel group. Group travel not only lowers costs, but typically a tour operator handles travel arrangements and logistics. That makes it easier to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Plus, there is greater safety in numbers.

Don’t Be a Target for Criminals

Unfortunately, criminals may be looking to prey on vulnerable seniors at your target destination. That’s why taking a few extra precautions is critical. Older adults should leave extra money or valuables locked up at their hotel. It’s also smart to consider anti-theft clothing and accessories to keep cash and valuables safe from pick-pocketing.

Invest in Travel Insurance

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything about travel, be prepared for cancellations or restrictions. With that in mind, travel insurance has never been more critical. Older adults should consider it anytime they’re spending their hard-earned dollars on a vacation, recognizing that health, environmental, or social conditions can change and make delaying or canceling a trip a wise choice.

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