Our Pet Friendly Assisted Living Community

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Our Pet Friendly Assisted Living Community

At Copeland Oaks we value the importance of comfort, companionship and family. Copeland Oaks is a pet-friendly campus because in addition to promoting health and happiness among seniors, we believe pets are also a part of the family.
In our retirement community, many of our assisted living residents and independent living residents enjoy the company of pets in their apartments and villas. For off-leash time, our campus is also home to a dog park.

In addition to furry, four-legged friends like cats and dogs, residents are welcome to bring along their birds, reptiles and other unique pets when they make the move to our campus!

4 Health Benefits of Pets for Seniors

1. Provide Companionship

Having the companionship of a pet brings a great amount of joy and helps raise the spirits of seniors. In addition to putting a smile on our residents’ faces, owning a pet is shown to have significant health benefits for seniors.

2. Live in the Moment

Pets show us how to “live in the moment” and can promote living in the present moment for seniors. Studies have shown that the companionship and love of a pet can help reduce anxiety, depression and loneliness for seniors.

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

In addition to these mental health benefits, pets also offer many physiological benefits! By helping to reduce anxiety, studies have shown that pets can help ease pain for seniors who may experience conditions such as arthritis. Research also shows that touching or petting a dog can lower blood pressure rates. Seniors with pets tend to have lower blood pressure than non-pet owners. Lowering blood pressure is a key component in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death in men and women 60+.

4. Increased Exercise and Mobility

The benefits don’t stop there – owning a dog helps increase seniors’ mobility by helping them get healthy, low-stress exercise through regular outdoor walks. Pets can also help improve the independence of seniors by helping with daily tasks like alerting seniors with hearing loss when the doorbell rings or an alarm goes off. Learn more about the health benefits of pets.

Don’t have a pet of your own?

Our pet-friendly community features a parakeet lounge and is also the daytime home of Jack the goose dog! Made possible through resident donations, Jack is specially trained to chase the geese on campus. Jack’s dad is Jerry Thomas, Copeland Oaks Director of Maintenance and Grounds. From geese patrol to attending meetings, everyone on the Copeland Oaks campus loves Jack!

For our Assisted Living residents, we have therapy dogs come in frequently for pets and cuddles. Our residents love when they pay a visit! We also have realistic robotic dogs and cats for therapy for our residents in Crandall Medical Center and Assisted Living.

Visit Our Pet-Friendly Campus

See if you can envision yourself calling Copeland Oaks pet-friendly campus home! For a tour or more details, call (330) 938-6126. Also, request a tour or ask any questions in the form below.

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