The Crandall Health Education Center will offer the Nursing Assistant Program beginning Monday, July 11, at the training center located in the Copeland Oaks Administration building on Johnson Rd.

The program will run through Wednesday, July 27 with classes held Monday through Friday from 7 A.M. until 3 P.M.

“The course focuses on the appropriate skills needed to provide bedside care to patients in many health care settings,” said Diana Simmons, RN, program coordinator.  She explained that the curriculum includes a broad range of subjects including infection control, communication and interpersonal skills, safety and emergency procedures, personal care skills, psychosocial needs, basic restorative services and skills, basic nursing skills, quality improvement and more.

Candidates who successfully complete the course are eligible to take the Ohio Department of Health test to be listed on the registry as a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA). The state test will be scheduled at the Crandall Health Education Center in early August.

“Serving a vital role in the health care team, nursing assistants help patients with daily activities including hygiene, support doctors and nurses in procedures and treatments, assist in patient charting, document care given and report significant observations to the nursing staff.” Ms. Simmons added.

“As a nursing assistant you can give direct patient care in long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, clinics, physician offices and in the home,” reported Mariann Mannion, RN, Crandall Medical Center Director of Nursing.

“Nursing assistants are a valuable member of the health care team.  Becoming a bedside care giver allows someone considering a career in medicine to observe how many members of the health care team contribute to patient care.  They have the opportunity to work with nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, therapists, dietitians, etc., which often helps them choose their career path, “ Ms. Mannion explained.

“With the skills you acquire as a nursing assistant, you can continue your education and diversify into other areas of medicine such as licensed practical or registered nursing. Many of our nurses began their careers as nursing assistants and have remained on the Crandall clinical staff after obtaining their LPN and RN licenses,” observed Gaynette Hawkins, Crandall assistant nursing director in charge of staffing.

“Job security, a competitive wage and having a flexible schedule are benefits of a career as a nursing assistant.  This entry level program is a wonderful opportunity for ‘empty nesters,’ recent high school graduates or anyone looking to change positions or start a new career,” commented Jason Cicchillo, Crandall administrator.  He reported that being a nurse assistant is one of the fastest growing occupations through the year 2020 with a growth rate expected at about 31%.

“But, being a nursing assistant is much more than a job offering a pay check, it is a career that offers personal satisfaction, growth and gratification,” Cicchillo added.

Deadline for registration is Wednesday, July 6.  Fee for the course is $100 and includes the book.  Applications are available at the Copeland Oaks Reception Desk. More information can be obtained by calling the Crandall Staff Education Department 330-938-6126 or by e-mail at: