Many seniors and their loved ones struggle with the idea of moving into a care facility. It is normal to have a difficult time letting go of routines and independence for the sake of long-term care benefits. 

At the same time, most people recognize the value of those benefits. As care needs increase, facilities like Copeland Oaks help seniors maintain a high quality of life. 

Of course, not everyone needs the same level or type of care. This is where catered senior living comes in. If you are not quite ready for full-time care or assisted living, but still want support, catered living might be the right choice for you. 

What is Catered Senior Living?

Catered living provides non-intrusive, customizable support for your daily lifestyle. As you age, support does not have to be all or nothing. Catered living is an effective, life-enhancing step between total independence and assisted living. 

Catered senior living can include a variety of supports, depending on your specific preferences and needs. These can range from medication management and appointment scheduling to help with common household chores like cooking, cleaning, and shoveling snow. 

You can request this support on demand, which means you do not have to give up more independence than is necessary.

Life in a catered living community is life in a close-knit neighborhood of seniors with occasional supportive care as needed. It lets you ease into retirement and enjoy your time, health, and independence, with Copeland Oaks there to handle some of the burdens of everyday life.

At Copeland Oaks, life in our catered living Beeghly Apartments includes…

  • Studio, one-, and two-bedroom floor plans
  • One complimentary meal per day
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen services
  • A kitchen or kitchenette
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • Walk-in shower or tub
  • Cable TV
  • Emergency call system
  • Security call system
  • Storage locker
  • Garages available for rent
  • Direct indoor access to common areas and campus amenities including:
    • Dining venues
    • Chapel
    • Health clinic
    • Library
    • Beauty/barber shop

Catered living apartments at Copeland makes it possible to stay comfortable and independent while investing in your future wellbeing. Spend your retirement enjoying life instead of worrying about the tasks of daily living. 

How Catered Living is Different

In typical nursing homes, residents transition directly from independent senior living to assisted living. At Copeland Oaks, you can choose catered living as a middle ground instead. 

When you move into a catered living apartment, you receive all the help you need, on demand, giving you as much independence as possible.

Catered living is an ideal choice for anyone who wants assistance with household chores and tasks. 

For example, if you love having a kitchen, but feel overwhelmed by cooking every single meal, Copeland Oaks can provide support through a provided meal or cooking assistance. 

Or maybe you would like assistance scheduling your day to day life—Copeland Oaks can provide one-on-one assistance.

Benefits of Catered Living Care

  • Access to care and support without sacrificing independence
  • Easier transition to higher levels of care when needed
  • Access to a rich community of active adults 
  • Person-centered services that prioritize your needs
  • Simple access to fun activities like art classes, gardening, exercise facilities, and more
  • A spacious apartment home, unfurnished so you can personalize with your furniture and decor
  • Easy, quick access to medical attention as needed
  • Worry-free maintenance requests and appliance repairs

Create a Custom Catered Living Plan with Copeland Oaks

Catered living at Copeland Oaks lets you relax into retirement with just the right amount of support. You can enjoy your independence and let Copeland Oaks handle the daily household tasks and chores. 

The Beeghly Apartments at Copeland Oaks are comfortably nestled on our tree-filled, 250 acre campus. 

To learn more about customizing your care with catered living, contact us today.