retirement community

Are you retired or planning for retirement soon? Deciding to stay in your current home or move to a retirement community is an important question that requires a lot of thought, research and planning. 

Whether you’re interested in independent living or would benefit from assisted living services, a retirement community could be perfect for your lifestyle and changing needs. Consider some of the top benefits of living in a retirement community before you make a decision about what type of community and living option is best for you.

1. Low Maintenance

Retirement communities help seniors enjoy their retirement years without having to worry about the maintenance of their homes. Even if you enjoy yard work now, yard maintenance tasks can start to feel like more of a burden as you age – and hiring a crew to take care of it for you can be costly and a hassle to coordinate.

Moving to a retirement living apartment eliminates this concern and helps you focus on what’s actually important ­– enjoying your retirement. Say goodbye to mowing, raking leaves, weeding and more tasks to keep up the curb appeal of your home. Plus – shoveling a driveway or plowing snow will become a thing of the past, meaning you don’t have to brace yourself for the cold temperatures or risk falling to ensure your driveway and walkways are clear of snow and ice during winter months.

In addition to yard maintenance for homes, interior maintenance can also become quite a chore. Choosing a retirement community that also handles furnace and appliance repairs, plumbing and other basic issues that homeowners often face can save you time and money. Planning for the unexpected can be a huge challenge, especially if you are on a fixed income. A retirement community can help you stay ahead of this concern and ensure you live comfortably.

2. Convenience

When you make the move to a retirement community, home maintenance isn’t the only part of your life that can become more convenient. Living in a community with easy access to a wide variety of amenities removes the hassle of commuting for daily needs, appointments and more. From meals to medical checkups, seniors can live their best lives while taking care of their whole checklist without even leaving their retirement community!

Look for a senior living community that not only offers residents the living options they need, but also convenient access to amenities and services such as a wellness center, fitness classes, beauty/barber shop, shopping and more. A retirement community with an onsite 24-hour health clinic is essential for short-term and long-term medical care – giving residents access to emergency services, medical appointments, dentist appointments, therapies and rehab.

These close-to-home amenities could mean you find yourself not needing a car of your own! If you were dependent on a loved one or an outside service for transportation, the convenience of a senior living community will also help give you more independence during your retirement. Plus, opting for a retirement community that offers transportation outside of the community further extends your access to all the places you want to go.

3. Social Life

Whether your longtime friends have moved away or you’re just finding it more difficult than it used to be to get out and do the activities you enjoy, staying engaged and social during your senior years can be a challenge. With the benefits of social interactions making a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of seniors, it’s important to find ways to stay socially active during your retirement ­– and retirement communities offer a great solution.

Look for a retirement community that offers a wide array of opportunities for socializing and making friends. From finding others who share your interests during group classes, to bonding with your neighbors during campus events and outings, many seniors find themselves with a more active social life than they’ve had in years after moving to a senior living community!

4. Safety

If you are comfortable in your current home and don’t know what to expect if you move to a different neighborhood, take comfort in the safety and security that is offered by retirement communities. Whether you want to enjoy an evening walk or have health concerns that require skilled nursing care, retirement communities offer the safety and security you need to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Retirement communities often feature secure entrances and exits and employ security staff to make sure its residents feel safe 24/7.

5. On-Site Healthcare

For many seniors, knowing that healthcare is available nearby at any time brings peace of mind. Whether you need routine, regular check-ups or are worried about emergencies, on-site healthcare means you never have to worry about access to the care you need. 

For special health concerns, choose an assisted living option with round-the-clock nursing. Facilities with features like an urgent call system and access to 24-hour health center will also help ensure your medical needs are always met.

6. Personalized Health Care

Not only do retirement living communities offer on-site healthcare, they also make it simple to personalize your health care based on your needs. Take Copeland Oaks’ Continuum of Care, for example. 

Copeland Oaks’ Continuum of Care guarantees that you will receive the care you need through every stage of retirement. As your needs change with age, Copeland Oaks makes it easy to transition to higher levels of care. 

We care about our residents’ well-being and want you to receive the care you need, no matter what. The Copeland Life Care Fund provides assistance to residents if they outlive their assets. This means no Copeland resident ever has to worry about affording the care they need. 

7. Nutrition and Dietary Meal Preparations

As you age, the task of preparing daily meals may begin to feel more and more taxing. Living in a retirement community can help relieve some of that responsibility so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your retirement. 

In addition to simplifying meal times, living in a retirement community can also help ensure you are getting a balanced, healthy diet. Healthy eating helps us feel energetic and strong as we age. At Copeland Oaks, you will have easy access to a wide variety of nutritious foods. 

8. Mental and Physical Stimulation

Retirement communities offer plenty of opportunities to keep your mind and body feeling young and healthy. Below are just a few of the ways Copeland Oaks residents like to spend their time. 

Exercise Classes

Interested in staying fit while socializing and learning something new? Exercise classes are a great way to move your body with a group.

Walks & Hikes

Walks and hikes are good for the mind and body. Walking and hiking increase your heart rate and keep your joints limber, while connection with nature keeps you calm and grounded. Explore the many walking and hiking trails on the Copeland Oaks campus when you take a tour


Like to disconnect from the world and find peace through fishing? Copeland Oaks has a fishing lake so you can relax and enjoy. 

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to hone your creativity, either on your own or with a group. See what you can create through one of Copeland Oaks’ many classes and events. 

9. Independence

With these features to help ensure safety and security, and all of the specialized services offered to residents, seniors who make the transition to retirement communities can enjoy their independence. If you are considering independent living options, the easy access to amenities on campus make maintaining your independence simpler. Or if you need an assisted living option, having skilled nursing care when you need it can provide the help and care you need while still allowing you to enjoy your privacy and independence.

Even if you don’t currently require skilled nursing care, choosing a campus that offers a continuum of care can ensure that you don’t have to move if you need different services or a higher level of care down the road. You can maintain the same friends and connections while getting the services you need!

What’s Next?

Before you make plans about where you’ll spend your retirement, consider all of the benefits that retirement living communities can offer to their residents. Make a checklist of which features and services are most important to you and explore which facilities in your area are best suited for your needs and wants.

If you’re looking for a retirement community that’s within driving distance to the major cities in Northeast Ohio, Copeland Oaks in Sebring could be your perfect match! With Independent Living Villas, Assisted Living Apartments, and Assisted Living with Memory Care living options available – plus a great selection of onsite amenities, activities and services – we welcome you to see how Copeland’s campus checks all of your boxes!