For many people, the idea of transitioning to senior living can be a tough pill to swallow. Some fear a loss of independence and that it will be expensive. Others are afraid they’ll be isolated, lonely, and bored. But, the truth is there are a lot of misconceptions about senior living and assisted living facilities. Times have changed, and today’s options for seniors are more diverse and accommodating than the “old folks’ homes” of decades past.

Let’s separate the facts and fiction, so you can get a more realistic look at what life is like at senior living communities like Copeland Oaks.

Common Myths About Senior & Assisted Living

We hear people sharing the same fears with our team repeatedly, most of which come from hearing about practices that were eliminated decades ago. The overwhelming majority of these concerns aren’t grounded in reality and no longer represent what life is like at senior living communities.

Here are four of the common concerns that we hear—and the truth about what our residents experience at Copeland Oaks.

Myth: Forget About Being Independent

Truth: With all of the specialized services offered to residents, seniors who make the transition to retirement communities can enjoy their independence. If you are considering independent living options, the easy access to amenities on campus makes maintaining independence simpler. Or if you need an assisted living option, having skilled nursing care when you need it can provide the help and care you need while still allowing you to enjoy your privacy and independence.

Myth: Senior Living Is Lonely

Truth: Many seniors find themselves more socially active living in a retirement or assisted living community. Copeland Oaks offers our seniors a variety of outings, activities, fitness and art classes, opportunities for socialization, and flexible dining options. Participation is up to the resident—there is no demanding set schedule. Residents are free to try new things and discover new hobbies as they wish.

Myth: It’s Going to Be Expensive

Truth: We understand that learning of the monthly cost of assisted living communities can come with a shock. However, for most adults, after they break down the monthly cost of home ownership, maintenance, transportation, insurance, taxes, and other monthly expenses, the all-inclusive rate of an assisted living community begins to look more appealing.

Myth: The Food Is Bad

Truth: As you age, the task of preparing daily meals may begin to feel like more and more of a burden. Living in a retirement community can help relieve some of that responsibility, so a person can sit back, relax, and enjoy retirement. In addition to simplifying meal times, living in a retirement community can also help ensure a balanced, healthy diet. Healthy eating helps us feel energetic and strong as we age.

See for Yourself What Senior Living Is Really Like

If you’re looking for a retirement community that’s within driving distance to the major cities in Northeast Ohio, Copeland Oaks in Sebring could be your perfect match! With Independent Living Villas, Assisted Living Apartments, and Assisted Living with Memory Care living options available—plus a great selection of onsite amenities, activities, and services—we welcome you to see how Copeland’s campus checks all of your boxes.

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