How to Prepare for the Transition to Assisted Living

The decision to transition to an assisted living facility is often a difficult one. After all, it is a big change that comes with a wide range of emotional and logistical challenges. But when it means securing the best care and quality of life for your loved one, the challenges are worthwhile.

Read on for a guide on how to prepare for assisted living.

Explain the Transition to Your Loved One

Helping your loved one understand the move is one of the most important steps in the whole moving process. They will likely have fears and anxieties around moving.

This conversation may be upsetting. For your loved one’s sake, try to enter the conversation calmly so you can respond to their reaction with grace, not defensiveness. 

It is also possible that your loved one will feel relieved at the thought of letting go of some of their daily responsibilities and having the on-site support they need.

No matter their reaction, it is important to validate their fears while also reassuring them of the positive aspects of the move. 

Allow Time for the Emotional Transition

Moving is a huge life transition, especially when it is into a new level of assisted living care. In the time between deciding to move and actually moving, it is important to ensure everyone involved has the emotional support they need.

While this means providing emotional support to your loved one, it also means seeking out support for yourself. Turn toward friends, family, and other trustworthy sources of support. You will not likely “conquer” whatever emotions come up, but you don’t have to carry them alone.


Thorough research will help you and your loved one feel more secure and confident about transitioning to assisted living. When researching, consider the most important features and amenities for choosing a community, as well as logistic concerns like cost.

Choose the Right Community for Your Loved One

Take time to get a lay of the land by comparing assisted living communities in your area. From there, determine what the most important features are for you and your loved one. 

What questions do you have for leadership, caregivers, and staff? How clean is the facility when you visit? How do the current residents seem to enjoy where they live?

These are all questions to consider as you choose a community for your loved one.

Determine Pricing and Cost

Of course, pricing is an unavoidable factor when it comes to researching moving into senior living. Some will offer all-inclusive pricing while others will offer various tiers based on your budget and needs. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about pricing. Conversations about money can be vulnerable, but they are worth having to ensure appropriate care for your loved one.

Tour the Facility

You can tour facilities more than once before your loved one moves in. After your initial round of tours, feel free to schedule more. Whether you have narrowed the options down, or just want to become more familiar with your final choice, it can’t hurt to feel comfortable in the place where your loved one will live.

Prepare for the Move

Moving is universally stressful, but preparing well can help take the edge off. Below are tips on how to prepare for assisted living. 

  • Pack efficiently. Use lists and pack like items together by room so unpacking is simple.
  • Housekeeping items. Set aside time to cancel utilities, update addresses with credit cards and subscriptions, and complete a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Check in with the assisted living facility. Is there anything specific you need to know about moving day? Will you need to reserve an elevator? Where should the moving van or truck park?

With thorough preparation, you can cut back on the stress of moving and focus on your loved one instead. 

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