Be Well

Everything we do at Copeland Oaks is focused on supporting the physical and spiritual wellness and vivacity of our residents.
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Focus on Wellness

Our on-site wellness center, aquatic center, exercise classes, recreational programs and 24-hour health clinic help keep residents feeling good and connected to others. We have a dedicated director of wellness who helps our residents regain or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a result of our focus on spiritual and physical wellness, Copeland Oaks residents stay healthy and fit longer, feel better, and get more out of life. Family members frequently share how much their parents’ mental and social health has improved since moving to Copeland Oaks. The impact of being around people and participating in a broad range of wellness activities can have a transforming effect and give our residents a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center

Our on-site wellness center, indoor pool, exercise classes, recreational programs and 24-hour Health Clinic keep residents feeling well — and connected.

Come Experience Copeland Oaks

We encourage you to visit and meet our residents in person.
To schedule a visit, please call 330-938-6126.