If you are looking for a stable job where you can make a difference in people’s lives, then a career in senior living might be right for you! With America’s population becoming the oldest it’s ever been, the demand for senior living and memory care jobs will only continue to grow. Working in senior and assisted living facilities has many benefits, from career stability and advancement to flexible schedules, and more. Join the Copeland Oaks team below as we share why we love working with seniors!

1. Variety of Career Options

Whether you are outgoing and love being with people or prefer working behind the scenes – there is a job for everyone in senior living! While 60% of senior living employees work with residents, the other 40% fulfill vital positions in management, dining services, housekeeping, and more. So, if you don’t see yourself directly spending time with senior adults, you can still thrive and make a meaningful impact by working in a senior living facility.

A wide variety of jobs at senior living facilities also allow you to learn different skills throughout your career. Trying new things in your facility can not only prevent burnout in the field but will enhance your credentials – increasing your potential earnings in the long run!

2. Flexible Schedules

At Copeland Oaks, we know that people have lives outside of the workplace. A fulfilled and meaningful life is often a balance of family, work, school, friends, and adventure. Working in senior living offers employees a flexible schedule, often accommodating their outside-of-work commitments. Copeland Oaks jobs can be part-time, full-time, and seasonal. Additionally, because we need employees working 24/7, you have much more flexibility with the hours you work. Facilities need employees for multiple shifts, so whether you are a night owl or a morning bird, there is a spot for you.

3. Career Stability

The number of Americans who are 65 years and older is expected to increase to 82 million by 2050. That is a 47% increase since 2022! With more and more of our population entering their senior years, we expect the job demand at senior and assisted living facilities to rise as well. Assisted living homes will need more and more employees to keep their units fully staffed. This ensures career stability in the field of senior living. Get your foot in the door of a facility today and rest assured that your job will be in high demand for years to come!

4. Make a Difference

When working in senior living, you will have opportunities to provide seniors with daily assistance, companionship, and emotional support. Employees help ensure residents’ health and safety, enhancing their overall well-being and independence. Not only that, but you are helping them find comfort in a vulnerable stage of life. This role provides families with peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are receiving attentive care in a safe and secure environment. Families can then focus on their relationship with the resident, rather than feel burdened by their daily care needs. You can make a difference in the lives of more than just the residents, but their entire circle of friends and family.

5. Enrich Your Life

When you spend time with senior adults, you can’t help but walk away in awe of their experiences and wisdom. Jobs at senior living facilities allow you to learn life lessons, relationship and parenting advice, and amazing stories that you won’t find from your peers. You will also feel a sense of satisfaction after each shift – satisfaction that you have spent your time caring for senior residents who are often in a vulnerable season of life. Gain a different perspective and enrich your life by working in a senior living facility – you won’t regret it!

Begin Your Career in Senior Living at Copeland Oaks

Copeland Oaks offers a wide variety of employment opportunities in areas including nursing, dining services, housekeeping, maintenance, and administration. Employees appreciate our supportive work environment, beautiful facility, opportunities for career advancement, and the rewarding nature of our work. Begin your career in senior living by applying for Copeland Oaks jobs today!