COVID-19 has changed the way we have historically operated at Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center. With heavy hearts we had to cancel many of our community events that we hold near and dear. We had to cancel the Senior Prom, the Annual Car Show, The Oaks Foundation’s Golf Outing, and our Summer Concert Series. We regret having to close our campus to guests, however, the safety of our residents and staff is our foremost priority. We have followed the Governor’s mandates and the directives of our Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Vrable.  

The staff of Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center have risen above and beyond the call of duty. Our administrative team has worked tirelessly to lead our staff in safe practices. Housekeeping has scheduled regular daily disinfecting of our hallways and elevators. Maintenance has had to forego mulching and other typical summer preparations and put elective renovations on hold to provide 24/7 security at our entrances. Valet has provided personal shopping to replace the weekly grocery shopping on Wednesday along Route 62.  Marketing has virtual tours of available villas and apartments on Facebook.

We have not run from the COVID-19 outbreak, but rather we are fighting it head on.  We have had staff volunteer to work in our COVID-19 unit.  Dr. Thomas Vrable is here daily to be hands on with the residents.  Dr. Vrable tested all of our residents in Crandall Medical Center so that we knew exactly how to proceed with treatment. Weekly testing continues.  This was unprecedented at the time it happened.  It has now been mandated by Governor DeWine that all Skilled Nursing Homes test all of their residents. We will begin testing staff members for antibodies and a swab test to be able to treat those with the virus. Again, we have set the bar high to serve our residents with excellence.

As we move forward please bear with us. Some safety practices will be kept in place not only for the safety of our residents but for the safety of those visiting and touring our campus. All guests on campus will go through a brief screening process which includes answering four questions and having their temperature taken.  All employees will be wearing a mask. We respectfully ask our visitors to also wear a mask, if your health permits it, when walking inside of the congregate living apartment buildings.  Unfortunately, walk-in tour appointments will no longer be permitted.  All campus tours will take place by appointment only with one of our sales consultant team members.

Ultimately, Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center have gone full-force into this war.  We examined the attack of the enemy and we developed a battle plan to win!  We miss seeing residents and visitors we do not see on a daily basis anymore, because we respect the fact we do not want to chance spreading the virus. 

These past few months have been extremely emotional, stressful, and sad for so many of our employees, residents and their loved ones.  Thank you to everyone who supported us through these difficult times, for your patience, love, kindness, and understanding. We are keeping our spirits high and optimistic of a better future where we can all get together again. Blessings to you and your family, please stay healthy and safe!

As always, please call us at 330-938-6126 to make an appointment with a sales consultant or to ask questions. Follow us on Facebook to see our latest news releases about our campus.