The holidays can be a challenging time for many older adults. Anticipation builds leading up to the holidays, which can be both exciting and stressful. Then, there’s the bustle of the holiday season itself. But after the commotion has settled down, many seniors find themselves feeling lonely or depressed in the period following the holidays.

If you are experiencing post-holiday blues, you’re not alone. Below are some tips from Copeland Oaks for helping seniors during the holidays. Read more for ideas on how to stay busy after the holidays to help keep your spirits high into the spring.

Plan Visits after the Holidays

The holidays for older people often come along with lots of visits to and from family. But once the decorations are down, visitation can slow, making for a tough adjustment. This adjustment can sometimes lead to holiday blues for seniors. 

Even if you are tired from all the festivities, it is important to plan future visits once the holiday season comes to a close. Inviting friends and family to come visit is a great way to maintain the social aspect of the holidays even after more formal gatherings have passed. Or, if you have the energy, visiting nearby loved ones can be a great way to get out of the house in the later winter months. 

One on One Time 

While the holidays are filled with large gatherings, the weeks following the holiday season are a great time to catch up on a more personal level. Compared to the busy, sometimes loud holiday events, one on one visits from friends and family can feel peaceful and refreshing. 

Participate in Other Activities

Staying busy is an important step in keeping winter sluggishness away. After the busy holiday season comes to a close and we go back to our old schedules, it is easy to feel like nothing exciting is on the horizon. Working in one or two activities to look forward to per week is a great way to raise your mood and stay active. 

Does your community offer any activities after the holidays? Or, are there any year-round activities you have always wanted to try? 

At Copeland Oaks, residents participate in a wide array of activities, like ice cream socials, live music performances, and painting classes. Find out what’s happening in your community—something might just spark your interest! 

Fill Your Time with Your Hobbies

After the holidays, it can feel like you have way too much time on your hands. Staying busy with hobbies—both old and new—can help fill that time in a way that feels meaningful. 

Do you like to knit or crochet? Now might be a great time to tackle that pattern you’ve been saving. Love movies, books, or music? Kick the post-holiday blues for seniors by revisiting an old favorite genre or discovering something brand new. 

Hobbies can also be a great way to incorporate social time into your routine. Which of your hobbies can you share with neighbors or friends? Maybe the next book you read could be with a book club. Or maybe you could chat with a new friend while you work on that knitted scarf. 

No matter what, hobbies are a great way to fill up spare time and keep the brain engaged as you learn new things about an activity you love to do. 

Copeland Oaks Retirement Community

Copeland Oaks Retirement Community in Sebring, Ohio helps residents fill their time with fun, engaging activities. From free classes at Mount Union to jewelry-making and woodworking, Copeland Oaks offers plenty to keep you busy during the cold winter months and beyond. 

The sprawling campus also includes a community garden, fishing lake, and nature trails, which keep residents active, healthy, and fulfilled. 

Learn more about the lifestyle at Copeland Oaks Retirement Community