Ways Seniors Can Stay Active During the Winter

Winter often makes it more challenging to stay active no matter your age. Snow, wind, cold temperatures, shorter days, and possibly a gloomy mood make it more difficult than usual to want to get up and move your body. 

Unfortunately, our bodies still need to move—even when it’s cold and dreary. And if you do experience the winter blues, it can be more important than ever to get your blood pumping to help boost your mood and keep your spirits high until springtime.

Year-round activity is an important part of any senior wellness plan. Read on for more ideas on how to stay active through the winter. 

Benefits of Staying Active Year-Round

There are plenty of reasons why staying active year-round is more beneficial than irregular or seasonal exercise. 

  • Prevent chronic illness. Consistent exercise helps prevent or delay chronic illnesses that can decrease quality of life. 
  • Maintain muscle mass. When you exercise regularly, you prevent muscle mass decay which helps you stay mobile and agile as you age. 
  • Boost mental health. The brain gets an influx of endorphins when you exercise, which makes you feel happy and helps stabilize emotions.
  • Increase energy. By tiring yourself out with a little exercise, you actually increase your long-term energy levels by boosting cardiovascular and pulmonary health. 

Activities & Programs to Maintain Senior Wellness 

It can be difficult to find the motivation to keep up with an exercise routine any time of the year, but especially in the winter. Activities and programs can make it easier to stay consistent, so you can enjoy all the benefits of consistent movement. 

Attend a Fitness Class

Finding a fitness class you enjoy can make exercise feel like less of a chore. Dance classes, swimming, pilates, yoga, and more may be available near you. Plus, you can make new friends or attend classes with old friends, getting social benefits while you invest in your physical health. 

Copeland Oaks offers a number of exercise classes on campus, so you can seamlessly work wellness into your daily routine. 

Follow an Online Video

When it’s cold out, sometimes the weather stands between you and an in-person exercise class. Thankfully, there are plenty of free online videos that can take you through almost any kind of workout you can imagine. You can strengthen your body, enjoy low-impact cardio, or stretch your muscles all from the comfort of your home.

As you find videos you enjoy, you can save them to return to later. Thanks to the internet and online teachers, exercise is available to you right where you are, whenever you want.

Mini Breaks Throughout the Day

One way to easily work exercise into your life is to incorporate it into your existing daily routines. For example, if you make coffee or tea every morning, why not include ten squats in that routine while you wait? 

During TV commercial breaks, you can take a walk around your room, do standing pushups against a wall, or do high-knees to keep your blood pumping. 

If you get creative, you can find plenty of opportunities to move in small, low-effort ways that will have a positive impact on your health with consistency over time. 

Explore Winter Wellness Programs with Copeland Oaks

At Copeland Oaks, we care about investing in your well-being. When the weather gets too cold for a walk along the nature trails on campus,  wellness programs help you feel your best in the sunshine and the snow. 

With a wide variety of activities ranging from Zumba to chair exercises, Copeland Oaks makes it easy to stay fit in the winter. 

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