How Copeland Oaks Has Adapted to a Post-Covid World

Since 2020, we have all been asked to adapt and change at a near constant rate. It can be confusing to keep up with all the new, updated guidelines as we learn more about how to keep each other safe in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Changes That Were Made In the Height of the Pandemic

Of course, nursing homes and retirement homes were a central topic, especially while we waited for doctors and scientists to learn more about how the virus spread. 

Since older adults are a vulnerable population, retirement communities like Copeland Oaks had to work quickly to adapt to new guidelines as they were released. 

Other general measures for managing COVID-19 included…

  • Visitor restrictions
  • Masking and social distancing
  • Symptom screening
  • Resident and staff rapid testing
  • Discontinuing the use of common areas
  • Canceling group activities
  • And eventually vaccination of residents and staff

Many nursing facilities have eased up on COVID guidelines and resumed certain activities in accordance with federal and state agencies. 

By monitoring vaccination status and community transmission rates, agencies like the CDC are able to provide guidance on how to manage COVID-19 in nursing homes in 2022.

The CDC’s Updated Guidelines for Long Term Care Facilities

The CDC recently reworked their COVID-19 guidelines, as did Long Term Care Facilities, to provide new recommendations on social distancing, testing, and quarantining. 

More tools to combat the pandemic—like readily available rapid tests and vaccines—mean we can start to move toward a “new normal” where coronavirus does not majorly disrupt our daily lives.

COVID-19 Exposure

Before: Automatically quarantine for five days if you are unvaccinated.
Now: Wear a mask around others for ten days, testing after five days, whether you are vaccinated or not.

Testing Positive for COVID-19

Before: Isolate at home for at least ten days. After ten days, you can end isolation if you have been fever-free for 24 hours and do not need medication to manage symptoms. Continue to mask around others until day ten. It is not recommended that you visit a loved one in a Long Term Care Facility any sooner than ten days after a positive test.
Now: Same recommendations.

Social Distancing Guidelines

Before: Stay at least six feet away from other people.
Now: No specific recommendations, but notes that physical distance is a relevant component of staying protected from COVID-19.

What We Are Doing to Keep Our Residents Safe and Healthy

Thanks to updated CDC guidelines, Copeland Oaks residents are able to enjoy events and activities together again. Many families worried about their loved ones experiencing isolation or boredom during the peak of covid restrictions. 

Copeland Oaks took extra care to keep our residents feeling connected and content during that time. This included assistance communicating virtually with friends and family, both inside and outside the community. While COVID required us to all keep our distance in order to stay safe, it was still a priority for Copeland Oaks to provide a high quality of life for our residents. 

In addition, we followed all COVID cleaning, sanitizing, masking and distancing protocols to provide the safest community possible while navigating many unknowns, especially at the beginning of the pandemic.

Now, with a greater understanding of COVID spread and prevention, residents can safely enjoy all the typical benefits the Copeland campus and community have to offer. 

All the amenities, including our fitness center, worship services, and dining venues are all open for use. Residents are back to dining together, enjoying activities like woodworking and arts, and fitness activities together.

Of course, staff at Copeland Oaks are still working hard to ensure a safe, sanitary environment as our residents enjoy this “new normal.”

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