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Active days plus low-maintenance living awaits retirees at Copeland Oaks

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Learn Why Seniors Choose to Spend Retirement in Northeast Ohio

For many seniors, retirement living offers a comfortable and accommodating bridge between living at home and housing that involves nursing care. Copeland Oaks welcomes residents to a low-maintenance lifestyle, free from many of the burdens of home ownership, that still supports the opportunity to live independently. No need to worry about home maintenance and upkeep issues with plumbing, HVAC, appliances, lawncare and more. At Copeland Oaks, you can count on our professional maintenance team to handle basic repairs for you.  And you will find that senior living communities are inclusive – charging a monthly fee to cover most of your expenses. That means that in most cases you won’t have to pay separate bills for utilities, internet, cable, property taxes, trash pickup, meals plans and much more. property taxes. Add that to the money you can save on recreation, entertainment and transportation and retirement living retirement community living becomes more and more attractive.

Benefits of Retirement Communities


We understand that older adults who stay physically active are generally healthier, well into their senior years. In fact, physical fitness is foundational for senior wellness – decreasing the risk of stroke, cancers, type 2 diabetes, depression, and dementia.  Additionally, exercise can decrease overall deterioration health, which allows seniors to remain independent for longer. Copeland Oaks residents have access to plenty of activities on our 250-acre campus – including nature trails, a bass-fishing lake, fishing pier, pickle ball court and putting green, Our approach is to inspire our seniors to discover fitness activities they enjoy.  And we always encourage residents to “take it at your own pace.” Our fitness center offers everything from strength training to light aerobics to yoga to dance and much more. And our Aquatics Program includes aqua aerobics, aquacise, water workouts, lap swimming, open swim sessions and a number of fun-filled pool parties. You’ll find a wealth of opportunities to stay active on the Copeland Oaks campus!


According to a study by The University of Chicago, loneliness not only leads to depression in seniors, it can contribute to high blood pressure and early. Even when seniors are in good health, aging alone can be emotionally detrimental. That’s why Copeland Oaks offers a warm and welcoming culture that invites plenty of opportunities to stay connected and engaged. We understand that social engagement and interaction plays a crucial role in quality of life. We believe seniors should make the most of their retirement years. That’s why Copeland Oaks offers plenty to choose from, with over 75 resident-led activities for any interest. That means residents can easily reacquaint themselves with an old hobby or pick up a new one. Find exciting and engaging opportunities, including classes and workshops, parties, game nights, special events, holiday celebrations, off-campus excursions and more. Copeland Oaks also provides residents with a library, woodworking shop, community garden area and Creativity Center – which is home to classes for painting, drawing, handcrafts, needlework, photography, jewelry making and beyond. We also offer residents a free lifetime membership to the Sebring County Club. But socialization doesn’t have to be in the form of a structured activity or class. It can involve volunteering through the church, community outreach, civic involvement and more.

Accessibility (to help, stores, ect.)

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy life without worries. Copeland Oaks residents enjoy independence and freedom while receiving personalized, compassionate care they may need from our highly trained staff. Keeping all of our services in one location creates a stable home for our residents. We take care of the inconveniences in life, so you can just enjoy living. You will find that we provide a wide variety of senior care services and amenities for our residents so they can safely live a full and productive life. Copeland Oaks Home care services, as well as medical resources and transportation, are available to every resident. An onsite beauty and barber shop, thrift shop, and gift shop make it easy for residents to pursue an active lifestyle and attend to daily needs. And our transportation services make it easy to go grocery shopping, medical appointments and attend special events.

Why Retirement in Ohio?

Growing older doesn’t have to be a lonely prospect. Where you live matters. Strong family connections play an important vital role in the health and wellness of older adults. That’s why Copeland Oaks creates an open and welcoming environment to friends and family who visit often. We believe planning for retirement should include staying close to those you love. So, if you have raised your family in Ohio, you may very well want to plan your retirement years in Ohio. We whole-heatedly encourage the entire family to visit Copeland Oaks prior to making a commitment.

What Makes Copeland Oaks a Top Choice in Assisted Living Facilities?

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Beyond all of the lifestyle benefits at Copeland Oaks, we offer the safety and security of 24-hour support and access to care. Our residents’ health and wellness is our primary concern. That’s why our onsite clinic is here to serve you offering quality care, 24/7 staffed by healthcare practitioners and physician specialists who are better able to offer convenient, patient-focused care. The Copeland Oaks Continuum of Care offers residents, and their families, peace of mind – ensuring that residents are comfortable, safe, and cared for, no matter how their needs change or evolve throughout retirement. Your health and wellness is our primary concern, that’s why our onsite clinic is here to serve you — offering quality care, 24/7– staffed by healthcare practitioners and physician specialists who are better able to offer convenient, patient-focused care. That means if needs change over time, we have services and facilities on our campus to address them. Plus, our Copeland Life Care Fund provides benevolent assistance to help residents who have outlived their assets – enabling all of our residents to maintain their Copeland Oaks lifestyle and continue receiving quality care.
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