Meet the Puzzler, Bev Barnett

This month, meet Bev Barnett, a 26-year resident of Copeland Oaks. She’s a retired Spanish teacher who walks three miles every morning, sings in the Copeland Chorale and volunteers in our Copeland Oaks TV studio.

If that doesn’t keep her busy enough, you will frequently find Bev at our big puzzle table, piecing together the big picture while engaged in lively conversation with other residents.

“I love puzzles,” says Bev. “Some people think puzzles are a solo activity, but it is amazing how many conversations start at the puzzle table. I always make new friends when I sit down in one of the cozy Copeland Oaks lounge to do a puzzle.”

Bev adds, “People are amazed that I have lived in my Copeland Oaks villa for over 25 years. I just tell them Copeland Oaks is bienvenido!”

Bev loves taking long walks on the beautiful Copeland Oaks campus. She’s enjoys gathering with friends to hear good music. She loves gardening in the spring and summer. And she really appreciates the staff that’s always around to help with whatever is needed.

“We have it all,” Bev says as she places the last piece into the puzzle, steps back and enjoys the big picture.