Meet the Nurse, Trinette Jones

Trinette Jones began her career at Copeland Oaks in 1995, doing many jobs along the way. Now she’s a nurse – but maybe we should call her The Juggler because Trinette is amazing at the many things she does, including:

  • Mother of four kids – what a busy mom!
  • PTO president
  • Youth girls basketball coach
  • Sunday school teacher at St. Paul’s church in Salem
  • Head of Copeland Oaks’ new Memory Care Unit

Why Copeland Oaks

Trinette isn’t a Copeland Oaks resident, but she’s spent nearly every work day here for the past 23 years. She started as an aide at Crandall, then after completing her degree at Walsh University, stayed on as a nurse.

In 2004 she switched to Copeland, where she’s gotten to know everybody. “Pretty soon, they all become like a second family,” she says. “Copeland is like my second home.”

Trinette’s professional experience and talent – along with her special personal touch – made her our top choice to run the new Memory Care Unit.

The new unit is specifically designed to meet the needs of patients who are in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia and do not yet need full time Memory Care.

“I am excited to have a new place in Copeland dedicated to helping these patients,” she says. “This will allow nurses to focus on this very unique type of care.”

She explains why she chose Copeland. “In a hospital you don’t get to know the patients. They come in. Get treated and leave. You don’t if you make a difference.” She adds, “At Copeland…I know.”

Trinette looks forward to the challenge of the managing Copeland Oaks’ new Memory Care Unit. “The bigger the challenge, the better,” she says. She makes a great comparison: “It’s better if you have to work at a relationship to finally reach someone. The reward is huge.”