It’s important to stay connected to your loved one living in a senior community. Visits from family help them feel loved and important. 

Are you planning on bringing children to visit grandma and grandpa? Games and puzzles can offer a fun and engaging activity for everyone. And they are also a smart way to keep kids from getting restless. Keep in mind that mornings can be the best time to plan a visit, because this is when older adults tend to have more energy.

Bringing photo albums gives the whole family a chance to share important memories. And it offers seniors the wonderful opportunity to share an oral family history. Bringing along their favorite music can also turn the visit into a nostalgic karaoke experience that can be fun for everyone.

Do you have other family members who live too far away to travel to your loved one’s retirement community? Have them join by Zoom, FaceTime or by phone.

If the weather is nice, take a stroll through the grounds. You may even want to bring the family dog. Studies show pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity.

Scheduling a family meal with your loved one at their retirement community is a great way to stay connected. At Copeland Oaks, our dining rooms offer a chance to catch up over a delicious and nutritious meal and meet your loved one’s neighbors and friends.

Follow on Social Media

Social media isn’t just for youngsters – it’s also for grandparents. Many seniors are not only comfortable with social media, according to the Pew Research Center 40% of those seniors polled have a profile on at least one social media site and 73% of seniors age 65+ use the Internet on a regular basis. Social media seems to have a positive effect on seniors’ well being – facilitating social bonding and positive aging among older users. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways for seniors to browse family photos and stay engaged and up to date on important family events.

Attend Events

It’s important to try to attend some of the activities at your loved one’s retirement community. Most senior communities offer opportunities for residents to pursue their hobbies. This can be an ideal chance for family members to participate, too. Grandma and grandpa have a chance to teach their pastime to their grandkids. Whether it’s a group for playing cards, gardening, sewing, book club or hiking – find out how you can get involved. Social events in retirement communities are often open to family members – holiday parties, craft workshops, dances, orchestra and choir concerts, church services or even a day trip can be a fun way to stay connected.

Events & Activities with Copeland Oaks

There is always something happening at Copeland Oaks. We offer many spiritual, social, recreational and educational activities that appeal to just about every interest. They include arts and crafts, music, a woodworking shop and community garden – even free classes at the nearby University of Mount Union. Learn more about activities at Copeland Oaks that encourage family involvement. And check out our community events calendar to see the latest Copeland Events.

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