Senior enrichment programs are an important part of any senior living community. Enrichment activities offer many benefits that make life more enjoyable and promote health and well being as seniors age. 

What is life enrichment for elders? Enrichment programs include any activities designed to improve the quality of life for residents. At Copeland Oaks, these programs include hobby-related activities, fitness and wellness activities, and programs designed to strengthen the mind. 

When seeking out a senior living community, it is important to ask about the activities offered on campus. While practical amenities like medical support, housing, and meals are important, activities keep seniors feeling happy, sharp, and active. 

Why Seniors Benefit from Enrichment Activities

So, what are the benefits of enrichment activities for seniors? While many seniors seek entertainment on their own through hobbies like reading, making art, and watching television, it is important to provide life enrichment resources to help seniors stay social, active, and engaged.

For this reason, enrichment activities for seniors are more than just add-ons. At Copeland Oaks, our rich diversity of clubs, activities, and outings give seniors plenty of options for filling their calendars. 

These experiences benefit seniors in a number of ways:

1) Promote Active Lifestyles

Staying active promotes healthy aging for seniors. Of course, physical ability changes as we age. But engaging in appropriate physical activities helps seniors feel their best both physically and mentally. Regular activity helps seniors manage medical conditions, keep bones and joints strong and healthy, and prolong independence. 

2) Foster Social Connection

No matter our age, our relationships determine the quality of our life. Seniors live happier, healthier lives when they maintain strong social connections. Friendships and group activities help create a feeling of connection to others. This feeling contributes to a sense of belonging, lower depression risk, and even longer life. 

Many seniors find it challenging to stay socially active after retirement. Social activities, like book clubs, group fitness classes, and group outings help seniors make friends and feel like part of a community. 

3) Preserve Cognitive Health

Many senior enrichment programs include activities that promote cognitive health. Keeping the mind active improves memory and reasoning abilities, and gives an overall sense of achievement. By participating in life enrichment programs, seniors can preserve and sometimes improve their brain health. Reading, puzzles, and board games are all examples of life enrichment activities that stimulate the mind.

Here at Copeland Oaks, we offer a variety of educational, recreational, and cultural activities for seniors.

Educational Programs

College Classes

Copeland Oaks residents are eligible to attend any class at Mount Union for free. For seniors, this program opens up a world of education. Learning for the sake of learning enriches life and keeps the mind working for prolonged curiosity and mental well being.

Bible Studies

For seniors interested in learning more about their faith or building community around discussions of the Bible, Copeland Oaks offers Bible study groups, worship services, and spiritual fellowship services. In addition to an on-campus chapel, residents may also attend one of the many churches in the area. 

Hobby Based Activities 


Fitness classes and physical activities are a great way to spend time with others while keeping active. Copeland Oaks offers many wellness classes, including Zumba, chair exercises, and line dancing. 


Connecting with nature is a great way to lift your mood and cultivate mindfulness. The 250-acre Copeland Oaks campus offers nature trails, a bass-fishing lake, a putting green, and more. 

The Arts

Creative activities are fun and engaging. Our Creativity Center offers classes in painting, drawing, handcrafts, photography, and more. In addition, many seniors enjoy singing with the Copeland Chorale. 

Field Trips & Excursions

Cultural Events

Cultural events like concerts, lectures, theater, and sporting events are part of the Copeland Oaks lifestyle. Residents are bound to find an event that interests them at the nearby University of Mount Union. 

Local Activities

Craving a day out on the town? Sebring offers plenty of shopping and restaurants for hours of fun. Plus, Copeland Oaks residents enjoy a free lifetime membership at the Berlin Lake Golf Club. 

Copeland Oaks Lifestyle

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