Congratulations to our October and November OAKS Award winners, Ed, Cathy and Chris. Our monthly OAKS Award recognizes “Outstanding Acts of Kindly Service.”


Ed was nominated for the October OAKS Award by his peers for being a team player and providing the best environment for our residents. His coworkers said, “Upon hearing of a complaint Ed was asked at 4:00 a.m. to replace and check ceiling tiles.  He worked diligently to replace tiles on both floors. Ed never asks why he is always willing to help everyone and is sincere about it.”


Ed currently works in the Maintenance department but over the last 17 years he has worked in on the grounds crew as well as laundry. When asked what is favorite most rewarding thing about his job he said, “All of it!”

“It’s a good place to be,” he added.


Cathy and Chris were nominated for the November OAKS Award for their honesty. While cleaning an apartment recently, Cathy and Chris found an envelope containing money that belonged to the previous resident. They did the right thing and returned the money to the family.


Cathy and Chris are both housekeepers for Copeland Oaks. Cathy has worked with us for 12 years and says her favorite part of her job is seeing the smiles on residents’ faces. “This is a great place to work, everyone is so friendly” says Cathy.


Chris has worked at Copeland for almost 11 years. She enjoys her job and getting to know the residents. She says, “It’s a pleasure working in an environment every day that feels like home.”


Congratulations to Ed, Cathy and Chris. Your hard work and honesty has not gone unnoticed.