Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Home in the Summertime 

If you are getting ready to move into a retirement home, it may be worth considering what season is right for your move. 

1. Great moving weather

Summer is a great time to move no matter your stage in life. Pleasant weather and longer days make for a more relaxed, easygoing moving process. 

Plus, for seniors, summer offers the added benefit of dry weather, which means a decreased risk of falling or injury during the move. 

2. Plenty of activities and events

Summer is the peak season for fun activities after retirement. Getting to know your neighbors and making new friends is easy in the summer with so many events to attend. 

3. Best time to explore the campus

If your retirement community features hiking trails, gardens, or other outdoor features, summer is an excellent time to explore them. Make the most of the outdoor spaces on campus by moving into your retirement home when it’s nice and warm.

Summer Activities for Seniors 

So, once you are settled into your new home, how can you make the most of summer in a retirement home? While most retirement communities have events and activities year-round, summer is typically the busiest season. 

Below are summer activities for after retirement that will help you enjoy those long, sunny days.

1. Cookouts

Summer is the season for potlucks and cookouts! Set up near picnic tables or spread out blankets for a leisurely community event. You might even invite family members to visit so they can get a feel for your new home.

2. Recreational sports

In the mood to move? Organized recreational sports, like kickball and baseball, are a fun way to get to know neighbors while getting in some good exercise. 

3. Gardening

Gardening is a fantastic way to connect with yourself and the earth. No better time to get your hands in some soil than when the days are long and vegetables are ready to harvest. If your community has shared garden plots, you may even meet a new friend with similar interests.

4. Summer bake-offs

If sports aren’t for you, but you’re still in the mood for healthy competition, consider hosting or participating in a bake-off. After tasting each other’s baked goods, you can go home with a new recipe or two.

5. Museum Trips

Getting too hot to spend time outside? Summer is a great time to hide away from the heat and visit museums. Whether you love art or want to learn more about natural history, your retirement community can point you in the direction of popular local destinations. 

How to Keep Your Mind Active After Retirement

As much as it’s important to stay socially and physically active as we age, our brains need stimulation, too. Don’t forget to take the sunny summer energy and channel it into brain-boosting activities, like the following:

  • Have meaningful conversations
  • Make something with your hands
  • Play an instrument
  • Move your body
  • Work on puzzles 
  • Play card games
  • Practice a language
  • Try a new recipe

Keeping your mind engaged in little ways each day adds up over time. It doesn’t have to feel like work—find something you enjoy and reap the benefits as you age!

Join an Active Senior Living Community

Staying active after retirement through clubs and communities is a great way to stay accountable for healthy aging. Group activities and trips make staying active fun and engaging. 

While it may feel odd to break out of your comfort zone at first, group activities can lead to meaningful connections and a happier, healthier retirement.

Enjoy Life After Retirement

With every new stage in life, we experience joys and losses. It can be difficult to find your footing after retirement. Without the old routine of daily life, many people feel lost or unbalanced at first.

Thankfully, with this loss of routine comes a new opportunity to fill your days with activities and experiences that bring you joy. You’ve worked hard for years. Now, you can find a retirement community that lets you sit back and enjoy life day by day.

At Copeland Oaks, we offer summer activities and events that promote wellness, provide opportunities for building community ties, enable creativity and expression, and even strengthen the mind! We truly have something for everyone. Learn more about our activities and amenities for Seniors