Don’t let the cold weather put a damper on your active lifestyle. Whether it’s fitness, hobbies, day trips, social events, or games – there’s plenty of fun to be had in winter months. This is no time to hibernate!

Find Some Good Books

There’s nothing like spending time with a great book. Visit your local library and ask a librarian for recommendations based on genres and authors you love. And don’t forget to ask about apps that allow you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks with your library card. Why not sign up for a book club? It’s a great way to connect with people who appreciate the same authors and genres that you do. Copeland Oaks is proud to offer our residents a library on-site. 

Start Birdwatching

According to the Audubon Society, bird watching doesn’t disappear in the wintertime, it simply offers new opportunities. Set up a bird feeder and bird bath. Dress warmly and take a birdwatching hike. Get a field guide or birding app, binoculars, camera and a notebook. Then, keep a journal or scrapbook about your discoveries.

DIY & Crafts

Wintertime is an ideal time for seniors to indulge in crafts and hobbies and express their creativity. Photography, scrapbooking, and card making are an especially thoughtful way to make and share memories. Needlework, sewing, jewelry making, painting, woodworking, and baking are all fun ways to make your own gifts. You could even sell goods at a local indoor farmers’ market or an arts and crafts bazaar. And you’ll find a wealth of simple craft ideas that are fun and stimulating for seniors challenged with dementia – like arranging flowers, painting by number, finger painting, sculpture and clay molding.

Museums & Art Shows 

Day trips to historical and art museums are a great way to spend a winter day. And when the weather is simply too inclement – there are 2,500 world-renowned museums that offer virtual tours, so you can enjoy the experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Try New Games

Feeling bored? Why not try a new board game. Join a game night, or host one yourself. Keep it simple. Invite your friends to take turns bringing over their favorite game, snacks, and beverages. Love pinochle, Euchre, bridge, rummy or Canasta? You’re sure to find a whole crew who enjoy these card games as much as you do. You can also try your hand at playing new online games – like Scrabble, Mahjong, and chess – and matching your wits with virtual players.  

Copeland Oaks Lifestyle

Looking for a retirement community that offers a thriving lifestyle? At Copeland Oaks, we support an active retirement with a wide range of exciting activities, fun-filled social events, inspiring classes, interesting clubs, and adventurous day trips.  

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