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How to Prevent Retirement Boredom

Retirement boredom is a common experience, but many people are hesitant to talk about it. After looking forward to retirement, many people feel guilty when they find themselves feeling bored and missing work. It can be hard to talk about this experience with friends...

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How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

When an older loved one is starting to require more help with daily activities, it is time to start considering assisted living facilities. Assisted living provides them with some help, like with dressing, bathing, or preparing meals, but still provides an independent...

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What is Catered Living

Many seniors and their loved ones struggle with the idea of moving into a care facility. It is normal to have a difficult time letting go of routines and independence for the sake of long-term care benefits.  At the same time, most people recognize the value of those...

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Staying Active During the Winter

Ways Seniors Can Stay Active During the Winter Winter often makes it more challenging to stay active no matter your age. Snow, wind, cold temperatures, shorter days, and possibly a gloomy mood make it more difficult than usual to want to get up and move your body. ...

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Importance of Routines in Senior Living

5 Benefits of Keeping Routines in Senior Living While keeping a routine is a healthy idea for anyone, it is especially true for seniors.  Our bodies and minds take comfort in knowing what to expect every day. When we feel safe and structured within a daily or weekly...

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Perks of Moving into a Nursing Home

Benefits of Moving your Elderly Parents into a Nursing Home As we watch our parents age, it is only a matter of time before you begin to wonder about the best way to care for their changing and increasing needs. You are likely considering the pros and cons of nursing...

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Retirement Homes Post Covid

How Copeland Oaks Has Adapted to a Post-Covid World Since 2020, we have all been asked to adapt and change at a near constant rate. It can be confusing to keep up with all the new, updated guidelines as we learn more about how to keep each other safe in the light of...

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How to Adjust to Retirement

9 Tips on How to Adjust to Retirement Why is retirement stressful? After looking forward to retirement for so long, many people find it strange when they find themselves stressed or sad when it finally arrives.  Feeling stress or sadness after retiring is completely...

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The Transition into Assisted Living

How to Prepare for the Transition to Assisted Living The decision to transition to an assisted living facility is often a difficult one. After all, it is a big change that comes with a wide range of emotional and logistical challenges. But when it means securing the...

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Retirement Living Misconceptions

5 Myths About Assisted Living  When you think of an assisted living community, what comes to mind? Many people have negative associations with senior living communities. When we see them on television, assisted living communities are often represented as slow-paced,...

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Tips for Health Decline in Parents

We know that the aging process is natural and happens to everyone. But this knowledge does not always comfort us when watching a parent decline in health. Aging in general comes with physical, cognitive, and emotional changes that may also be exacerbated by illness....

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Common Senior Living Terms to Know

Common Senior Living Terms to Know It is not an easy responsibility to care for an aging loved one. Changes in their abilities and needs can take an emotional toll for a number of reasons. As you try to navigate these challenging times, speaking with healthcare and...

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Enjoying Summer in a Retirement Home

Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Home in the Summertime  If you are getting ready to move into a retirement home, it may be worth considering what season is right for your move.  1. Great moving weather Summer is a great time to move no matter your stage in life....

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Fun Enrichment Programs for Seniors

Senior enrichment programs are an important part of any senior living community. Enrichment activities offer many benefits that make life more enjoyable and promote health and well being as seniors age.  What is life enrichment for elders? Enrichment programs include...

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Setting New Goals for Seniors

At the start of a season, many people begin to consider how they’d like to change their life for the better. To really make changes that improve your quality of life, it can be helpful to set concrete goals. Why Goal Setting Is Important for Seniors As we progress...

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