Meet Lisa Gentile

Chief Development Officer and Senior Campus Director

“The best part of my job is the interaction I have with the residents, staff and board members. Copeland Oaks is a lively and active community with a Christian culture in which everyone cares about each other,” notes Lisa.

In describing her role with the Oaks Foundation, Lisa explains, “I am responsible for the fundraising efforts of The Oaks Foundation which provides the philanthropic support to Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center. Donor stewardship, acquiring and acknowledging gifts and maintaining correspondence with donors is vital.”

Lisa acknowledges that it is the generosity of many donors who have enabled Copeland Oaks to provide quality, compassionate care in a Christian environment for the last half century. “Copeland Oaks is unique in the sense that financial assistance is offered through the Life Care Fund to residents who can no longer afford to pay for their costs of care. Never has a resident been asked to leave Copeland Oaks due to their inability to pay for housing, meals, prescriptions or healthcare needs,” she emphasized.

“I am strongly committed to the residents that call Copeland Oaks home. I’m honored to be a part of such a warm and affectionate community” she said.