Meet Dave Mannion

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer

“I work at Copeland Oaks Retirement Community because I love it,” commented Dave Mannion, chief financial officer. Since 1995, Mannion has been responsible for overseeing financial compliance and safeguarding the corporate property and assets.

A graduate of Youngstown State University, Mannion brought to Copeland Oaks his experience in finance at Glenmoore Country Club and the Marriot Corp.

Mannion finds motivation in “living up to the expectations of all those that depend on me in the Copeland/Crandall community including residents and employees.” He feels that working at Copeland Oaks has “made me a better person; one who is willing and passionate about serving a greater cause.”

Defining attributes that set Copeland Oaks apart from other retirement communities, Mannion identified, “the purity and sanctity of our charitable mission, and the honesty and integrity of our intentions.”